FIFA 19 is not ready for eSports - not even close

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When we are talking about sports we are talking about the better ones and the worse ones. The better ones win every time the worse ones if both are in shape. When one has all 90 team vs. all 60 team it's done deal without major earth quake or another world destroying event. Not in FIFA 19 tho so this game should NEVER be in eSports event. It's VERY random and even biased game. I truly believe I'm not the only one thinking this, in fact I know many or even most pro-players agree on my view.


  • stadironin
    21 posts Last Pick at the Park
    In fact IMHO there should be 2 different FIFA-versions. One for arcade players and one for4 eSports players. It's the only way to make this game work.
  • SVKslato8
    417 posts Sunday League Hero
    yes and the esport version should have all AI assistance turned off
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