7 WL games on review pending "game is under review, you will be returned..."

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Imo this review thing is hurting only us who are playing legit and not trying to pull some monkey business.


  • BeardedBerk
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    Had a couple of them over last few weeks and never heard anything from them regarding them
  • salvadordali1
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    My gut is telling me that we never will hear bout these games again. But its stupid, you just get a win if youre wining all other your game will be under consideration.

    These 7 games were even late penalties or red card situation where would opponent just quit when i acquired some kind of advantage. Last year when this kinda thing happened game would just dismiss and you didnt get loss like this year. Whoever came up to this idea is either or extremely stupid or he/she is just not appreciate our free time that we decide to spend on these game.

    My number is so high because i have aubamayang as striker and he's keen to run in behind, which most of players find annoying and most likely they will go for a foul on last man in front of goal which will most likely end up with red card penalty.
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