• drmr92
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    Please, can you answer will you fix the camera problem where changing height and zoom sliders does not have any effect for many stadiums like Stamford Bridge, and many others. This problem has been present in Fifa for a few years. Thank you.
  • jimenezus
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    Im very dissapointed with 2 things in game:
    1. The New Red card to Last man rule its not applied, in the New rule you dont get a red card only for tackling the last man
    2. Why you havent apply the 4th substitute y the extra time?

    Hope someone agrees
  • EA_Andy
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    For those providing feedback about updated starheads we already have a thread for this here.
  • There is a lack of editing fut football players like changing shoes to match body suits etc. B)
  • In the break, the shooter is not shown
  • Did you perhaps fixed the Career Mode bug, where we are unable to loan or sell players with OVR less than 75? If not, when can we expect you to fix it?
  • @EA_Andy Can you please answer my question, when/will you add Red Star Belgrade into the game?
  • Hunter10_xD
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    Please what about when you tackle with your defenders and your opponent some how gets the ball back SO MANY TIMES!!!!
  • rolhe09 wrote: »
    Seem like good changes but the problem right now is the dedicated servers. I really dont like that you cant play the game in the evenings because of delay and bad connection. Why not use P2P connection?

    Can't agree more. P2P PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.
  • Why have i not got all of my November update ?
  • I think I'm going to stop playing fifa as it starting to become boring and out dated the lastest update I did not get no new player faces just old ones that you update which I find crap as want new ones.so when will these so called new player face updates be coming out on Xbox one a ?
  • PLEASE! FIX the FACE of NAINGGOLAN of Inter F.C. and increase the OVR of KRISTOFZ PIATEK of Genoa F.C.

    When we’ll be able to loan players with right of ransom?

  • Only have like 4 updated faces from the update...? Wheres the Wolves players etc faces???
  • Stopbuchi
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  • Ok but it is possible to fix the few things in Career Mode
    1. I can´t loan Players if they come from Youth Academy they always decline.
    2. If I scout in Youth Academy in Asia or South America they don´t look asian or latin americans they look more like europeans. I know not all people in asia and south america look same but a japanese guy look in my career mode like a white european hipster

  • Can’t agree more, so many times my players are either clattered or unfairly shoved off the ball and the referee gives nothing. It’s either one extreme or the other, I had a player sent off for a shirt pull, which didn’t bring the player down, and didn’t even put him off balance, and 2 minutes later I get cleaned out, opposition is nowhere near the ball and the ref either waves play on or at the most a brief talking to - needs to be fixed.
  • BigPeach
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    @EA_Andy Will the Purple Nike Tiempo Legend VII and Highlighter Green Nike Mercurial Vapor XII Elite boots be added? Many players are using these boots, particularly Serie A. Thank you!
  • protzbischof
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    Is there any chance that a new game mode will be added? We have Division Rivals and Weekend League which are 2 ranked/elo based game modes and very stressfull. Pretty much all games with ranked systems have a at least one casual gamemode to balance it.
  • GJ5
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    Why not fix the kick off glitch? The people cheating in wl when they just leave to get a win? Feels like the game is moving towards FIFA 18 again.. clumsy defenders when you win the ball but then suddenly the attacker has the ball in the most impossible way. This was the same on FIFA 18 but apparently this is what the community wants. Read the youtuber community..
  • All 3 promoted teams to the prem (Fulham, Cardiff and wolves) still without faces ?

    Really frustrating
  • Also where is Ryan sessegnons face ?!
  • I’ve done the update on my Xbox One yet still don’t have the star heads that were meant to feature. Wolves players such as Neves and Moutinho still the old ones. Tried uninstalling the reinstalling, no joy. Tried starting a new career, no joy. It’s like it hasn’t applied? Any help?
  • Sandell85
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    Cant play friendlies in pro clubs anymore, and can here people talking in chat Without them being in lobby. Been like this for a week atleast
  • Ten000_days
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    In player career mode you do not get the accomplishments for winning the league .. I’ve won the league 3 times and have yet to get the accomplishment for it in each category ( ball control - shooting - passing - physical - mental - etc ) ... and are the 3td kits that were missing finally in the game ?? I know there are 4 that are missing in the EPL .. Man City Chelsea Everton and Crystal Palace ...
  • Hello Ea,

    I wonder what you do with fifa sales money ?
    You always have an update to make but frankly you make updates of the faces of the Player ?
    How many players who participated in the world cup, league champions, league europa, etc ... have their real face?

    Even players who are not known to the big public have their heads you find that normal? You put the head of Ryan Sessegnon's little brother, Ashley-Seal, etc ... but the head of Nkunku, Adama, Kehrer, Zambo Anguissa, Ryan Sessegnon, Nicolas Pepe, Justin Kluivert, etc ... where are they? I'd rather not even talk about coaches or missing players like Robinho playing at Sivasspor in Turkey and without forgetting players who have always had the same head for 2 years or more.

    The referee system that you have put in place is big anything. The system of the hands even if it is activated, the referee never hisses to our advantage but it will be whistled against us very easily. In addition there is huge advantage in defense is incredible for example (Dante, Garay, etc ...) who are very slow to catch up with Mbappé and Mohammed Salah, players over 90 speed are caught up defender at 45/50 speed. Please arrange this c degueulasse

    Teams participating in the league of champions and league europa that are missing you find that normal?
  • DreamTeam97
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    In career mode, why there is only 4 backup possible? Why all the characteristics of the players c that the AI ​​who can do it only? I think that promoting too much was champions and was but the career and the club pros do you what then?
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  • You make updates for the fut but the packs you do not, in one month you can have seven times the same players please make the necessary thank you
  • Jandrelas
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    Why can't you sort out the problem that the GK can't pass the ball on the ground with his hands. Even if you tap the pass button he will throw it high in the air.
    Found out it only happens with manual passing. EA please fix it
  • Can SOMEONE in EA please tell me Why o Why i should buy a new game when after the third update all you did on console, you basically did a Copy + Paste of the Fifa 18 gameplay.

    It´s so poor now. In defence Meta gold player run arround like lost chickens eaven with a Max defending gameplan option.
    Player like KDB can´t recive a simple pass standing STILL! Due to first touch putting the boll 4m in front of him.

    The whole idea of buying a NEW game is that something should be different not to take it back as it was :/

    I see my self as a "normal" skilled player but plays around 5h Fifa every day and on WL and Weekend a lot more.

    I can sincerely say that after this latest patch my Fifa playing and buying days are over for good.
    I was hesitating to buy the Fifa 19 due to so bad Server problems you had last year, and surprisingly you manadge to make them WORST!?! How it is eaven possible when a company as EA a making biljons of dollars not to have enought powerful servers?

    I know that my single post on a EA forum will not make any difference on the game or on your servers. But i can guarantee you that i will not be playing Fifa 19 any more or buy a new Fifa 20 neither will my closes friend or family.
  • goshko
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    same old bad gameplay, and ugly pitch graphic, shame on you. This it the last time that i buy fifa !!!!!!!
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