This game is now badly broken in my eyes and needs some serious attention asap!!

This game has been completely destroyed by EA, complete pile of unrealistic rubbish now. Just a few reasons are ...

1. Overpowered Finesse Long Shot. Don't bother defending your area, if the opposition can't get into it then they will score every goal from outside the area using the Finesse shot. Introducing this was at best a bad idea and we are not just talking about the odd 1 of these shots going in, THEY ALL GO IN !!!!.

2. Woodwork, woodwork and tons more woodwork. Head the ball into a near empty net, oh no it's hit the crossbar. Shot the ball, oh no hit the post, again and again. Way way way too much for my liking. This again has ruined the game.

3. Pass the ball from A to B. Nope, can't do that anymore because someone decided to change the game so that the odd pass goes straight out of the side door to an opposition player. If its a defender that has done it when passing it along the back line then you can guarantee the ball doesn't end up at no ones feet but instead it ends up at the feet of an opposing striker who then puts it straight into your goal. Any fifa player who passes the ball around has been badly screwed over by this addition to the game as it gifts the opposition goals and possession. Completely ruined the game with this idea, you now wonder when making easy passes if the ball will actually arrive at its destination or not.

4. Squad Battles. I've now decided to ditch Squad Battles as the Chemistry for the opposing teams is unreliable and broken beyond belief. A rubbish team with a Chemistry of between 40-60 will play way way way better than the same team with a perfect Chemistry of 100. How does that work!!! Now a 70 something rated team can make your life a complete nightmare when it has this Chemistry problem with it. This has always been a problem with this part of the game and what do people do, create teams with 50 Chemistry, absolute joke.

So many things have been added to this game that make it really annoying and unrealistic. I used to be able to sit down, chill out and play a game of Fifa. Nowadays with these changes that have been made to my favourite game, it's more a case of play a game, swear swear and swear some more at what a useless pile of crap this game has been turned into.

These things seriously need changing asap to once again make it the best football game out there and a great way to spend your free time.
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