Fifa 2019 = dead? bad servers kiiling this game ....

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So in Fifa most popular is FUT - Heart of Fut is Weekend League - and Weeknd League every week laging with medium or big delay beacouse EA have poor severs.

So if is not possible play with good conection in weekend league then game is usless.

So fifa 2019 is broken product just beacouse EA is to greedy to buy more / better servers to fixed delay in weekend league.

Basicly is not possible play in weekend league without delay - or is only small hours window in late night when servers work good enough to play without huge delay .

How players can play in game if they wining game and suddenly discconect and even system can give you lose for this..... Basicly to be honest Fifa is broken product just beacouse EA not fixing issue with slow servers.


  • Tubbs76
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    the game is broken , very bad game nechanics as well as bad servers is just horrible. I was disconnected x5 on the weekend up in all games with my opponent scoring 0 gals, gives all 5 wins to my opponent. that aside, bad delay in player interaction when pressing buttons on controller, random weird things happening in the game, players not doing what they are told to do, just horrible.
  • TheDinhoKid10
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    The servers arent the only thing killing this game
  • QuinnUK87
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    EA are the thing killing this game.. Their lack of people skills. It takes 5 minutes to write a tweet telling us what things they are working on improving. Or even just acknowledging the fact that there are some flaws with the mechanics of the game.

    You just get absoloutely **** all from them, and it's infuriating. Look at companies like Epic... They interact with their customers every day, release exciting content and actually LISTEN to feedback. EA's attitude is just ignorant, they just never accept critiscim.
  • Pila4life
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    The servers are just unplayable.. unfair advantages to players... There is no beating the one sided delay if your opponent has better servers
  • Danny
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    In the years I've been playing Fifa I can't say I've had a problem with the servers, the servers for wl are fantastic I think
  • Jonboyparker
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    I have massive delay. I'm not sure if it's my end or EA's end though so I can't comment. I guess lots of people also do so I don't know who deserves to win a game anymore. It's like tossing a coin. I can outplay you, and you'll still win with a deflected goal. It's rubbish but I'm past it now and just laugh.

    The main problem is, the game is just getting boring. It's the same game every game. Get to the edge of the box, drag back, finesse shot, goal or post. Start again. Id rather quit a game I'm losing than try pick up points for rewards. Just give me some varity.

    Also what people need to realise is we are a minority on this forum. Do you notice it is the same people posting constantly? There are millions of people that play casually and don't realise there is a problem with the game. EA don't need to change it while people are still playing and paying. I honestly think EA thinks the game is fine.

    The saving grace for me is I like building teams and making coins. The problem is I have to play more games because I am only a casual trader. It's time to go more casual I think
  • ThaTonka
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    My first 10 games of this WL were good my 20(!) games after have all had some sort of freeze lag, lag spikes or button delay ranging between 1-3 seconds. These servers are such f*****g c*****g bad that I'm amazed at the years of ineptitude this company has shown towards fixing this game or actually caring about their customers.

    And this is supposed to be an esports game? No wonder it only had a few thousand viewers on twitch when the PS4 tourney was on last weekend. This pile of garbage should not be played be anyone. I am done until a patch that actually tries to fix gameplay and aren't utter lies like previous Fifas where kick off goals were "fixed" etc. shows up.
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