Fifa 20 Manager Career mode wishlist

Disappointing. Thats all i can say about career mode this year. Here are a few things I want to see next year.

1) Sponsors. Pretty self explanatory. It would be nice to sign your own sponsorship deals and they would spice up the kits which dont change at the moment.

2) Kit Editor. Based on your sponsor, u should be able to make changes to ur kit. Nothing drastic, just the ability to maybe add a stripe or dots or something and the AI should change as well.

3) Stadium Upgrades. Also self explanatory.

4) Generally more things to spend money on. Currently u can only spend money on players and scouts which is pretty bad when ur not in the transfer window. I wanna be able to hire stuff ( medics, doctors, coaches, trainers etc.) and i wanna be able to upgrade facilities ( trainig facilities and medical facilities etc.), just more things to buy and think about.

5) The AI 1st time shooting is too overpowered. This needs to be fixed. Literally every 1st time shot, no matter who the player is is finding the top corner.

6) Blocking is too overpowered. U cant take long shots anymore coz theres always a ❤️❤️❤️❤️ player that will fly outta nowhere and block 2, maybe 3 in a row.

7) AI transfer r still to unrealistic

8) Small teams play like barca and big teams play like derby

9) Stats should last more than one season. When Im looking for players to sign, I want to be able to see how they have played in previous seasons.

10) I want to see player stats for players that r out on loan

11) U18, U21, U23 and reserve Leagues. I wanna be able to manage or hire a coach to take teams for the following leagues. Half the time players just arent ready for 1st team football so it would be good to have the those to keep them busy. Then the coach would give a report after each week or month or season.

12) fixed potentials must go. Players should grow/ decline based on form not potential. Sometimes u can have a 31 year old that scored 33 goals in a season but still declines massively anyway. Or on the other hand u can have a young player that never plays but will still grow massively. Players should improve after 7 games of good form or something like that. Kick off already has this implemented so career mode can have it too.

13) More manager customization

14) The abilty to apply for any club or country without having to wait for an offer.

15) Its too easy to sign players. Someone like Messi isnt gonna move to a club like Arsenal just like that. A player should sign based on performance and how much money is being offered.

16) Loan to buy offers need to return

17) Request funds option needs to return

18) Too many loan and transfer moves out of the club are breaking down

19) Managers in other clubs are never fired or never retire

20) Transfer delegations take too long

21) Not enough players have faces

22) Unrealistic Youth player faces. Im finding my Youth academy full of black people from asia or white people from brazil. And the names never match the faces or country of origin either.

23) Youth players should grow taller and bulkier over the years. 16 year olds still have time to grow physically so ya.

24) Players in general should age and change based on age

25) The ability to train every stat including skill moves, weak foot and work rates as well as every other stat. Obviously some things must grow slower than others but i wanna be able to train players my way.

26) Position training. The ability to change a players position.

27) More cutscenes. The game is currently very bland and the news section is boring. Places that the scenes could be implemented in r press conferences, team talks and post match interviews.

28) I want player Morale and performance to be affected by things done and said by manager as well as fan and board opinions changing based on the above.

29) Team chemistry in career mode. When a new player signs they have to take time to build chemistry with the rest of the squad and u as the manager.

30) For my final point i want AGUEROS FACE TO ACTUALLY EXIST FFS!!!!!

And im done. Mention things u think i missed and i hope u agree with the ones i have listed. I REAAALLLY hope EA see this and actually do something with the game mode that made FIFA huge in the 1st place. Please EA. Yall need to make a change now or else people are gonna start leaving and fast.

U guys can take these points and repeat them so that EA have to see them and actually do something.

Thanks for reading:)


  • Ability to control more teams in career mode and to creator your own game strategy a foul Slider especially for derby games.better referees and goalkeepers the way they sometimes dive is not realistic.
  • Do you guys still think the game will improve next year? fifa 19 is by far the worst fifa of all...

    do you seriously think these these things will be dealt with? (in career mode I mean)

    - Defending is broken and terrible...player contain is useless...each cross you concede is a goal 50% of the time..small players like david silva winning headers against my big defenders...kostas manolas...van ❤️❤️❤️❤️..etc.

    - It's frustrating to know that the first shot on goal from your rival is going to be a goal for sure...the quality of your goalkeeper doesn't matter at all...keepers like de egea...oblack etc...will maybe be shot at 5 times and they will concede 3 goals at least.

    - Pace is nothing in this game...perhaps anyone can explain to me why a defender like mertesaker can catch up with G.bale running from a few yards from behind, with Bale accelerating and running full speed.

    - transfers: why players Im interested in I have to overpay for them...when their club receive ridiculous offers from other clubs and accept them.

    - loans: it would have been great to have the purchasing option at the end of the season..also why other clubs get players you want on loan...but if you ask them...they will tell you that they are not interested to loan them out? it's contradicting.

    I have erased the game from my xbox...and I will certainly see the forums to see if the next fifa has improved or not before buying.

    ea fifa developers blaming players for the frustration or just telling them they are bad players is not going to help.

    I apologize if I`m too hard...but I have been playing fifa since the fist one...and see how the gameplay was so simple and it`s almost impossible.
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    Every year since ‘12 I’ve said this is the worse FIFA ever but every year EA seem to be able to lower the bar and from nowhere make it worse If they didn’t have the licences everyone would be playing PES and I mean everyone.
  • Hello EA Sports Team,

    My main wishes in case of Fifa 20.

    + career mode to 2 players, (like in Total War games multiplayer)
    + in Fifa 19 You finished the Journey mode, in the next Year I would like to see something new, maybe a Fifa Street mode with posibility to create players and teams
    + develop the grapichs, first of all the faces of the players

    Thank You,


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    Some more things:

    - Pre-Contracts are way to unrealistic. You are able to sign everyone you want if you have enough Money. Good players should always reject offers from mediocre teams
    - Youth Players Height is so random. We don't need every single fullback to be 6'5 that's just unrealistic. Strikers irl are often pretty rapid when they are young but can't finish thats sth to apply.
    - When you play a game there should be an option where you can sim the rest just like when chose player career
    - Add a system to change the Starting Teams in CL. If I play with a Swiss Team and eventually win the CL there should be a change in the Nations Ranking which then gives the Swiss League a direct starting place in CL and not just qualifiers every year. Furthermore a big League could lose a place etc.
    - Generate stats for all the leagues (Goalscorer/Assists...) and more indept stats for your own League to decide who to buy
    - Generate great youth players in lower divisions, since thats where most of todays world class players are from
    - As a manager you are mainly responsible for coaching. It would be great to add different people who are responsible for scouting, transfers, contract negotiations...Obviously you would still be in charge of all that but you could for example delegate Scouting to someone else, who then does the sousing on their own (like simulation a match but for scouting)
    - Messages from players should vary and players who aren't relevant for the team shouldn't constantly ask for playing time. The would then also have to implement a youth/second team where this player can go and play to impress the boss and get back into the main team
  • To the OP. Fixed Potentials for me wouldn't work, the same way overalls wouldn't work that way. In real life it would work, but for me, in-game not so much.

    I always look at it simply, at defenders vs attackers. I always feel that it's easier to get a higher rating in attack than it is in defence. Same with keepers, you have no control and if you play on Ultimate for extra challenge then you'll find all your players decreasing due to form. I just don't in-game it would.

    I did mention somewhere else and it's linked in with the U23, U18s when mentioning Youth Academy is unrealistic. Is that in the U18, potentials fluctuate, in the U23 it fluctuates again but less so and when they get to the first team, the potential is fixed but I would like us to be able to see on the game they're potential much like we can see it while in the Youth Academy.

    Just my opinion on that one...

    Position Training/Extra Training needs to happen, and if it's difficult to do. Give us an up-to-date editor which gives us control, and also an in-game editor, for changing positions which if I got my wish on potential, would show you the potential change as well and the OVR change.

    Press COnferences, Team Talks etc are my expectation for the next game based on the journey coming to the end, hopefully focusing on career mode.

    I always agree that they need to fix some of the bugs (i.e transfer/loans) Youth Academy players simply can't get rid of but according to EACorey, there is going to be a lot of interesting bug fixes before the end of january....

    I also agree that you should have more to spend on. As a Man Utd fan, there is more money than we can spend and although it's realistic in some ways, there is so much more money this could be used for such as scouts, coaching, physios.

    I personally look at Youth Academy and think, this doesn't make sense. If anything, you inherit the team from the U16s. I think, if you started with the current U18 players, then when a space is available, you have the option of releasing players, if you want to replace them with a good player from a list from the U16. Like when you get rid of a scout, and you try and get a new one and only then does it list 5 scout options. SHould be similar. Also give you the chance of stealing U18 from other clubs.

  • 1.) trophy case
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    EA actually caring would be a good start.
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    Everything from all comments above, but the main thing is definitely EA caring to start with...
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    @EA_Andy I imagine Andy you won’t be allowed to share much information on this; however, would you be able to give any indication on whether career mode will get a nice overhaul now that the journey has run its course?
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