Slightly broken.

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Why is it easier to score a finesse shot from outside the box than it is to score a 1 on 1? I guarantee if you start counting, you'll notice that your conversion rate is heavily in favour of the outside the box finesse. All I am conceding is finesses and front post corners. It gets V. boring after 10 or so games of just facing people who know this so abuse it.

Played a guy earlier who could've played his player 1 on 1 but instead took the shot from 25 yards because he knew he set the angle up to a 45 degree angle and knew as long as he hit the power right which is easy that it would go in. Whereas if he played a through ball, the ball could possibly go too close to my keeper, or he would hit the post which happens alot when 1 on 1. Please don't say "git gud" cause I'm not moaning about me conceding. I score these goals aswell and this is what makes it boring.

Does EA intend for this to be in the game to this proportion?


  • Demon_reborn
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    This issue is raised everyday on here.

    These are just new mechanics to distract from the gross bowel hatched job they done in this game.

    They assume that every team in every league use finess shots 70% of the time.

    They think tapins and 1vs1 are not the breaf and butter of every team in the country.
  • xJoGa7Bonito
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    It's absolutely sickening.. I've personally stopped playing the game as much as I would like. Everytime I turned it on I face the same bs.. Just trading at the moment and play the odd draft here and there.. No Division Rivals and no WL. Fifa 18 with all it's flaws was a lot better than this untested/under developed game.
  • Pepe Le DiLzZ
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    Just slightly?
  • LSB1210
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    The game is great. It just needs slight adjustment and here and there. Like...everywhere. mwhaha!
  • Retro_G
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    Be thankful you've a consistent way of scoring, if they nerfed finesse shots the game would become even more random.
  • Azablucky
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    Retro_G wrote: »
    Be thankful you've a consistent way of scoring, if they nerfed finesse shots the game would become even more random.

    It depends what way you look at it I guess. I could be grateful but then EA could've made a better game :lol:

    Like we're 2+ months in to the game now and certain skill combos don't work properly. That was never the issue on previous FIFAs.
  • kayron16
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    Yep lots needs to be done to fix this. It's like timed finishing is in the game just to counter all the rest of the poorly coded gameplay.

    Make shots in the box more accurate

    Tone down finesse

    Make skill moves much much more effective against ai defence than they are now. Currently everything outside of the dragback, running/1st time fake shot, the ball roll (sometimes) and the ridiculous tornado are useless.

    Take the crossbar magnet out of the ball
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