PL CB and LB

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Im currently using this 4-3-2-1 team

De Gea; Walker, Sanchez, IF Matip, Alonso; UCL Lallana, Fabinho, Fred; OTW Mahrez, Lukaku and Son.

Overall Im happy with the team but I could always use a improve.

Is Robertson good? Alonso is really good defending but I use my fullbacks at attack a lot and he is kind slow coming back to defense.

And is Azpi better than IF Matip?

Or I could try a combination of CB/LB from another league (would need it to be spanish to link with DDG)


  • Geenoui
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    Azpi is too short to play CB, VVD seems to be the best prem CB this year, havent tried him but played against him plenty and hes a tank. Try mendy or robertson at LB
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