Why don’t settings work

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I have Auto Switching set to “air balls” and Auto switching move assistance set to “none”

Now you would think that means that my highlighted player would stay my player until I change him manually or an air ball is played.
No through ball comes through, the player changes automatically and to take biscuit starts running the wrong way as it’s decided to ignore the auto switching move assistance as well.

This is not a one off it’s constant, fair enough have the options available but let us turn them off if we want to.

I scored from so many low driven crosses without even pressing shoot it’s unbelievable, so this isn’t a “git gud” as it sometimes goes in my favour. I don’t want to score an unjust goal just the same as I don’t want to concede a unjust goal.

I accept there will be the odd error in all games but this game even at this point isn’t even ready for release, it should still be in the beta test stage. One of the reasons Fifa dominates the market is because of its quality, this Fifa is not quality, it’s not like buying a Rolex from a dodgy man on a street corner and wondering why it’s useless.

This is EA who are meant to be the world leader in cutting edge technology and produce the highest quality of sport (as well as others) games.


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    Happens to me too. Always moving my players out of position. Manual switch doesn't work well either.
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