Liga Mx and MLS; clubs world cup; invitational cup;

To play Liga MX and MLS is very boring, I know that both leagues are not in the copa libertadores, but, copa latina is not an official tournament, you must incluide both leagues in copa latina.

Club world cup
Fifa has right now a lot leagues and teams, must include a club world cup

Invitational cup
I play liga mx, and always play the same teams, it is very boring and easy, Fifa must include teams from europe, asia, and rest of the world in invitational cup

Friendly matches
After invitational cup, we could send and receive invitations of other clubs to have a friendly match to keep preparing for the season


  • I want to see more importance given to liga mx its not like they don't have their licences other wise liga mx should go to pes
  • CJD
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    I start with my LA Galaxy and play with the USA national team. They should have more national teams from Central America and the islands so they can have World Cup Qualifiers
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