My LM/LW Serie A dilemma?

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Have a Serie a team and all positions are solid. My problem position is the left side. I have Dalbert (who has been my find of the season) at left back. Who do I play in front of him. Perisic or costa or insigne or fut swap el shar.....thoughts?


  • Perisic is the best card you can get, he is amazing, He can play as a Striker, CF CAM LM LW LF even CM, his finesse shots are mental, 5 star weak foot, 89 stamina, he is only 20k this guy is amazing trust me.🔥🔥
  • SirT83
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    I agree with Persic being very good. I have him, Costa, Insigne and Sandro in my team. Persic can play anywhere. Insigne is also been a fresh wind in my team, very good with ball in feet.
  • Crazymundo
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    Cheers for the feedback....I have perisic and futswap el shar.....will stick with them.....I find small speedy players quite hard to control.....a bit like taking a wasp on a leash for a walk....
  • Perisic hands down
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