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A new journey is up ahead - TSV 1860 München

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Probably, the most controversial transfer in football history. Alexis Fernandes a singer and dancer, born in the same island of Cristiano Ronaldo, is going to manager 1860 München with "an impossible goal" according to the media. Taking the team back to First Division of Bundesliga.
It's a situation that will require some good names in the future, or maybe, a good investment in the Youth Academy, both are great solutions but the manager can only choose one of them.
Niko Kovaç , the actual manager of Bayern München still couldn't believe his eyes. The media asked for his opinion.
- I think it's a decision that the president should've thought twice before taking it. - he said.
However, Alexis Fernandes ignored the criticism, because he knew he had to focus on his team if he wanted some success.


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    Welcome, and good luck with this story.
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    Rodrigo Vargas joins up the squad

    It’s a new sign, the 23 year-old Bolivian player signs for TSV 1860 Munchen. And it looks like it will be the only player that won’t be coming on loan since the club does not have much money. The solution passes to find players from loan, and also, who knows from the Youth Academy.
    Rodrigo Vargas, is a Bolivian international player and it comes in a Free Agent move to TSV 1860 München.

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    Here it is the first match of the pre-season. TSV 1860 München Will face off Oxford United away from home, it’ll be the first game ever, for Rodrigo Vargas which recently joined up the squad, this is the full team chosen for the match.


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    Welcome and good luck with your story
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    Victory at the start

    TSV 1860 München won fairly and square on their first pre-season game against Oxford United. But things weren’t that easy as it seemed as the result on the half-time was still 0-0. However, the manager was angry and changed from 4-4-2 formation to a risky 4-2-4 while making one substitution, a midfilder went out of the pitch and a man named Sascha Mölders did enter the match...and every single fan of the team complained for the formation, however...this man, Sascha Mölders, he did score when the match was about at 71 minutes. And not only scored once but twice, the second goal was almost at the end of the game, around 90 minutes plus 3 (93), making the final result 0-2. Despite both goals being scored by Sascha Mölders, the truth is that Rodrigo Vargas was nominated Man of the Match, because of helping the defense and making assistance for both goals.
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    Saidy Janko comes to TSV 1860 München on loan from FC Porto.

    With lack of money, the TSV 1860 München manager attacked the market with a solution for the right defence coming from Portugal and most especifically from FC Porto. They could not pay in order to have him definitelly on the club so he came out on loan.
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    Good luck with this one! Off to a solid start.
    The story about 1860 has been very entertaining to follow over here in Germany...if you're not a supporter. But it was really weird. They've been such a big team in the past and completely fall apart just because the ugly side of 'commercial' football came through with the owner.
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    This is our next opponent after getting Janko on load from FC Porto, it got one defeat the pre-season against Strømsgodset IK for 3-2, the odds say our team is favourite due to the lack of knowledge that the people and the media have about this team.
    The manager Alexis Fernandes says the team is ready and there’s no denying that losing against this team can mean a very bad league in the future.

    Here is the team that was chosen to play against US Orléans:


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    Rodrigo Vargas shows what he’s made of...again

    Another game, another victory, but this one...even harder than it should have been, the goal only appeared at the second half by no other than Rodrigo Vargas at the 84 minutes, once again been crowned Man of Match. Janko played his first game for the team but he will have to rest on the third and last game of the pre-season, otherwise he’ll lose energy very easily.
    Note that once again the goal appeared when the team was already at 4-2-4 formation. Being clear that for now Alexis Fernandes will probably have more success using 4-2-4 instead of 4-4-2.
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    - Hey guys, don't disappoint me now. You know you're the damn favourites of this group so we have to win Stromgodset IK no matter what, understood?

    - SIR!! YES SIR!!

    - Oh, and one more thing. If I see ONE single person making that elefant face just because I made a substitution you did not like or something like that, I won't EVEN call you back for the next match. Understood?

    - SIR!! YES SIR!!

    - Good. Then it's settled, tomorrow morning I want ALL of you inside the training camp even if I do not arrive, remember, do as I say, not what I do! Unless you want to be punished for arriving late of course.

    Unfortunatelly next day, the manager Alexis Fernandes only saw one player in the training camp. No more no less than Rodrigo Vargas.

    - You're doing great Rodrigo. Keep it up and you'll soon become one of the best stars this club had in a very long time. To celebrate this achievement, and...because you're also an example to your team by not arriving late, you're gonna be nominated as captain for the next match.

    - Oh, thank you boss, I'll do my best. You won't be disappointed. - he said.

    - I know. That's why I choosed you. But don't get cocky just right now, things are getting even more complicated if we're not careful, ok?

    - Sure.

    - Thank you.
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    Sascha Mölders has been recently found in the disco along with 3 girls, this case is being investigated by the FBI agents. The manager Alexis Fernandes couldn't be more angry with this situation. And as a consequence, Mölders won't play the next match.

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    Our next match is again the leader of our group of the pre-season. No more no less than Strømgodset IK. The Swedish team is ranked as favourite as they are in a much better situation than 1860 München, and our 11 squad won’t be the same as in the other games. Mölders won’t play due to the recent scandal investigated by the FBI. Grimaldi and Vargas both will play instead of him. Note that Vargas was already nominated as captain of the team for being such an example for the team by arriving on time to the training while no other player seemed worried with this fact,
    Strømgodset IK is actually not one of the better known teams in Sweden, although the odds are with them as it is perfectly normal due to TSV 1860 München being on 3rd Division.

    This will be the eleven for this match:


    Complete surprise! The manager decided to play with the same eleven as the first match (against Oxford). You’ll soon discover the result of this squad against Strømgodset IK, stay tuned! :)
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