Gerrard question

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Question for the people lucky enough to have tried out Gerrard:

Is 91 worth it over 89 ? Seems stats aren’t that much improved; any help?

Also in general how is the card ? I’m more inclined to buy as I’m a Liverpool fan but just wondered if people enjoyed him ?

If it helps looking to put him in cm in 433 alongside KDB and Pogba (little lacking defensively) in one team and Fabinho and lallana in my Liverpool team


  • Staffie
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    I currently use Baby Gerrard with (Maestro) as a cm next to KDB in a 442.
    Mate i can only give you my experience but he is very good for me. (I use no instructions)
    He sits while KDB does all the running.
    Passing is best ive used - whenever i am crowded i give ball to him and he finds a pass
    Shooting is decent (not worldly but good enough to hit a few screamers)
    He gets everywhere in middle of park intercepts loads and wins 50/50's 99% of the time
    Overall he has made my team a better team - I like him that much i am debating over his 89 as H/H and at the moment his baby card is doing everything i want from it.
    Im Div 4/5 Rivals gold 2 w/e league player
    Hope this helps.
    PS - Stamina is weirdly not an issue
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    As a Liverpool fan, there is one Icon that I will have in my squad regardless....and that is Gerrard. For the money, I'd pickup the 89 Version. I have also decided that I am going to make a Lampard/Gerrard partnership work one way or another this season :smile: .
  • TMega95
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    Thanks both!

    Yeah monitoring the price of both the 89 and 91 waiting to pul the trigger on a good price in either.

    Lampard and Gerrard ! Never works lol ;)

    Difficult to think whether there will be any big price drops or not but cba to wait too long.
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    I know a lot of people are bashing the Icon SBCs this year, however, the packs in them have been really kind to me at least and I've been able to do some primes at around 400-500k (Lampard, Rio) and Makelele hurt me most at around 650k. If you want the prime, I'd wait for the SBC. I also think that the middle and prime market is going to slide here some in the next couple of weeks for the players who are not the ones in the pro teams (Gerrard isn't going to make a lot of pro teams with his stats). If you wait a couple of more weeks you might be able to get the 89 for closer to 1m.

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