Anyone else bored of the division gameplay?

Divisions is just getting worse and worse from having to make 4-5 tackles just to get the ball back. To hitting the post 2-3 times a game just too lose by a single goal. Can add that I also see this working for me on divisions but is still not enjoyable to win like this either. Can they not remove this Behaviour that the players have?

On a side note I think this year is the best for FUT champs I’ve been too elite 1 this year and elite 2 twice the gameplay is smooth and seems a fair game. Just a shame you can only get a decent game on a weekend.


  • i2-TempZ-2i
    6374 posts Big Money Move
    Literally everyone plays like a c*** tbh, bored of it completely, its just constant pressure and ultra attacking throughout the entire game with h/h midfielders bombing up and down all game

    I actually enjoyed the gameplay mostly up until this patch but this has literally just ruined the entire game for me personally
  • Foldsea
    1146 posts Professional
    I do think most games and game modes are not funny, you play becouse you feel you have to.
    Must get ranked 1 in rivals
    Must get x amount of wins in WL
    Must get gold/elite in SB
    I do it and I think Most people do the same.
    When there is a new SBC you get all excited until you open the packs
    But one day, one day you pack something amazing , that’s why I continue to play
  • Andyw19_88
    496 posts An Exciting Prospect
    The inconsistency does my head in,one game someone was shooting from far out and every shot went in,all power shots i tried it and it worked then the next game it was completely different and keeper caught them all with ease,this game is awful 80% of the time and EA do nothing and say nothing.
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