Is OTW CR7 worth upgrading to from my NIF

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Is it worth it, what’s your opinion? Thanks all

Is OTW CR7 worth upgrading to from my NIF 58 votes

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Upgrade elsewhere
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  • Keano
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    No, unless youre just keeping him untill he rises with a potential totw etc, the nif ronaldo does the same job, or if you want the highest rated just get the toty when its out.
  • Joestoe
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    I'd love his OTW. Guaranteed 1m profit if he gets an IF as well. Currently using his NIF as well and can see myself going for the OTW at some point.
  • Dead Whip
    554 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Same as his normal card and can’t see an IF being more than 3m anyway.
  • LazyFIFA
    505 posts An Exciting Prospect
    It'll all depend on your team and how many coins you have spare.
  • Primal
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    would normally say yes, but they seem to be abit stingy on his informs
  • LiTTl3_King15
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    edited November 2018
    As of right now they're the exact same card and it's not a guarantee that he will get informs this year he hasn't played great and scored 2 last weekend and ea passed him over. It's a risky investment just in case he doesn't get one I'm sure at some point he will but when?and honestly icons are better cr7 makes weird runs this year
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