Position-changing Bug (when making any IG changes) not fixed in Patch

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I thought the fact they mentioned the IG Gameplans being fixed also made sure this got fixed, but alas ...

For those unaware: If you switch to any of the non-balanced gameplans and make any changes to them like a higher defensive line or telling a CDM to now stay back or a striker to now be a target man (for example when bringing on a big guy instead of a smaller fella), the game reverts all the changes you did in the formation screen pre-game via pressing Y on the gameplan/formation screen.

So as an example your 4231 might suddenly see Reus as CDM or your LCAM and CCAM switching places. Even more severe when you switch from 4ATB to 3ATB Formations via gameplans and then make changes.

Yes, we do now have 4 custom slots and i realize many people just use one and not change a thing and just sub in the same sort of player so don't need to change. But when i sub off Perisic and sub on Lucas i would kinda like to adjust the Instructions without having it mess up everything. Only remedy is switching to a different formation, back to the one you want and then set every instruction for every player ...

So yeah, can we please get this fixed ?

@EA_Andy Hoping you have a lovely day and pass this along, thanks in advance.
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