Gameplay speed and smoothness chances all the time

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Just wanted to check if you have noticed how the gameplay speed and smoothness seems to change all the time recently. I don’t know if it’s a server issue or what but it is definitely a big problem.

Division Rivals until a week ago when I last played: speed realistic ok, but a little sluggish.

Weekend league on friday night: perfect realistic slow paced build up speed, crisp, responsive to the max. Best Fifa 19 gameplay experience so far. Sunday morning: a bit more sluggish.

Squad battles on sunday night and Rivals and SB today on monday: shocking super sonic speed, players running like maniacs for 90 minutes from one end to another. When I played SB the movement of players didn’t even look natural as they were running so fast. Somehow feels like normal Online Seasons gameplay this year, which is way too fast.

In Fifa 18 this happened occasionally too, especially in the beginning. I don’t enjoy playing at Formula 1 speed so it would be great if this would be looked into. Especially that Friday night FUT Champions gameplay was perfect.


  • The same for me since last night - supersonic speed in divisions rivals mode the whole way through the matches - must be a glitch - gameplay is just totally unplayable - can this be fixed asap please? New patch needed
  • game was perfect for me yesterday

    today its diabolical

    opponents about 2 seconds ahead of me
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