Transparency and feedback

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I saw on twitter about big changes this year, about this transparency, or whatever they call it, so, is there some place, here or otherwise where we can suggest something, or how does it work?

I'm asking because I want to see if there is room for just one thing which will improve my experience very, very much, and I think it would be next to nothing for them to implement this.

I just want to be able to see location of my opponent in FUT, before match, not nation or anything like that, just the residence in general terms, like country, if possible.

I don't want to pick opponents, I never did that, i would play against anybody, no problem, but for me it's really bad playing against people from Germany, Holland, idk, something like that.

It's just about having more options for better experience, doesn't mean I wouldn't play against ppl from those countries ever, plus I don't see the down side of this, and even if it creates some unwanted effect, for me, it would still be better even if I have to wait a little bit more to find a match.


  • mickw356
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    Is there not a setting for localatchups regions maybe??
  • Anarki301
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    There is, i guess, if we talk about same thing, idk, it might be very broad in it's application.

    I really don't see any down side to having this option, most people wouldn't even notice it exists, but for some it would improve all around experience.
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