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Traits CPU AI Only

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anyone notice that difference on futbin? Nedvěd/

trait Long Shot Taker (CPU AI Only)
trait Speed Dribbler (CPU AI Only)
trait Playmaker (CPU AI Only)

that means only BOT have this traits (SB for example) when we play against? Normally we dont have it on pvp?


  • maXmood
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    you won't have it as a controlled player, but AI against you will have that trait.
  • FinneganFach
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    edited October 2018
    It's because it's not a trait that gives any particular advantage, it's a trait that tells the computer how to use the player.

    A speed dribbler is presumably more likely to sprint with the ball, a long shot taker more likely to shoot from range, etc.

    If you play Football Manager, think of them as preferred moves.
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