SBC Hazard...

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Is he worth doing?

I can complete him for approx 400k~ Before packs after selling few players who he’d be replacing.

Estimating I get absolutely nothing other than bare minimum from packs, he’d be about 350.

How good is he? Stat wise insane but in terms of coin value what is he like?


  • BrieMine
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    For 350k he’s worth it. Dribbling feels great
    Good for this stage of the game
  • IxToMxI
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    It cost me untradeables + 350k + selling mane but overall well worth it.

    Finesse shot is a joke, his movement is first class he’s so attacking you have to get use to him in that sense as feels weird not having to trigger runs and the player been there every time.

    He is fantastic for me would of paid the cost it says on futbin from scratch tbf
  • Mini_Miudo
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    I love him. It's a good price for a 93 Hazard, if you're gonna use him most of the year then it's worth it. If you're only gonna do it to put into your squad then drop him when you build a new team, not so worth it.
  • Defo worth it trust me u wont regret it
  • Theprogamerjay
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    Or just get Neymar who is a little bit cheaper and tradeable. Almost identical stats tbf.
  • Amdp9
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    I would if it’s me that low! Why not have a great winger for 400k also don’t forget the packs you get!
  • Amdp9
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    Or just get Neymar who is a little bit cheaper and tradeable. Almost identical stats tbf.
    I agree with you! Neymar is a beast in the game like CR7
  • lastfifa
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    Did him for 370k, rest was in my club...

    Packs was crap like usualy. Most valuable was Jesus 25k. Had 6 ifs, from those Vecino was best ad the rest were discards from bad leagues. But now my left side is solved for fifa 19. I like to play with same teams and players so Hazard is great for me.
  • pudgyfudgy
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    Used the loan, absolutely loved it, and was so tempted to get the real thing. But then I remembered that we're only 1 month into the game and so I'm not going to sink so much into an untradeable item. Plenty of LWs and attackers I want to try, and Hazard is just one of many.
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