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Can someone explain to me what a foul is in this game and what isnt because they are not real life rules. I go down the side and get bodychecked with elbows thrown and no call. I get on a break away and they pull me back slowing me no foul. I get open and a defender dives in front of me and my player gets blocked no foul. Yet if i do a manual tackle and get the ball and the guy its foul. if i dont do anything and the ai does a toe poke as the player shoots and they get given a pen. Oh and lets not forget that there are no handballs so just throw players in front of every shot in the box because no way you get called for anything there. HOW IS THE REF SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!


  • Davola77
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    I feel your pain mate. The amount of penalties I’ve conceded recently for going shoulder to shoulder is ridiculous yet you can rhino charge players head on and get nothing
  • Thamightyboro
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    Bailly slide through the back about 7 times 2 matches ago no fouls at all, all the guy did was foul all match long and not a single card.
  • P1tch_1nvaderz88
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    This is what happens when the referees are sponsored by specsavers :trollface:
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