Poll for the BIG FP spenders. *Is this rigged?*

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So basically, the first 2 days when fifa came out, i bought around 35k+ FP. I packed a lot of good cards in the Premium Gold Packs, ones that sell for 7500. Also did the advanced SBCs early on, and that also got me some good pulls.

I got players like Kante, Suarez (x2) De Gea, and Ramos, and a couple other good players like Costa, Sanchez, etc. Since the first week though, I've probably spent another 35k+ FP, did a lot of the SBCs, and today even got all the Rare Players Pack (50K per pack ones). And I have gotten absolute ****.

For the last month, I've yet to pack any player that sold for more than 30K, and the card packs / SBCs have been 10x better. Squad Battles, I always finish elite 1, division rivals always finish Div 1, and FUT Champs I get to gold 1 or 2. And have gotten nothing out of those as well. When I say nothing, I'll still get a Khedira or a Muller, but nobody worth getting excited over.

What have your experiences been for those who spend a lot of FP and you were blessed with good pulls early on? You still getting great pulls or not anymore?


  • Bilbao_Baggins
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    Agree With you. I spent not a lot but got lots of decent pulls on release. Spent the same again and got f all.
  • Fifa_Hawk_85
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    Think it's pack weight in general has been decreased from release as I haven't spent a penny but was getting walkouts left right and centre at the beginning with SBCs and rewards but now I haven't had a walkout in over 2 weeks.
  • Firasyassin33
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    I do agree as well with this
    I did have amazing pulls early on including Icon, but since then nothing worth more than 30 k
  • torakun
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    Yup.. They definitely decrease it during this ❤️❤️❤️❤️ scream promo
  • Well u are all doing better than me! I have after around 100 packs only 1 walkout till now :(
  • rona_94
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    Yesterday I opened:
    1 Premium gold players pack
    2 prime gold players pack
    4 mega packs
    2 rare mega packs
    1 prime electrum players pack
    1 rare gold players pack
    + the MM packs

    Best player has been Carvajal and most valuable player has been Fred (10k)
    I know how you feel...
  • Senth6
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    Basically the higher ya transfer profit the lower ya chances off packing anything off value *verified by pack scientists*
  • GreezyWeezyLDN
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    The more you spend the worse your packs are.

    Why would they give there cash cows good pulls? PAH
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