Are rewards rigged

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Top players get trash, but since they top players, they will continue to play. And noobs will get decent or good pulls, and motivate them to play again. So early wins since more ppl.playing and more packs. We lose since more server load and games feel like you are stick in a time vortex caused by a super massive black whole to suddenly appear where Mars is.


  • Thamightyboro
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    Nope cos I'm **** and I get trash every week
  • Momus
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    Posted a length response to this in another thread. Basically, majority of people finish gold/silver, around 80% is say, therefore you’re more likely to see people boasting of good pulls from those ranks
  • FifaKingPin
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    Why not implement a system that Pokemon using. You buy packs and it's random. But when you buy packs or win games, you are guaranteed some gems. The more you win/buy packs, the more gems you get. And if you have enough, you can go buy a certain player. So 5000 gems for the best Pokemon. 4000 for good ones. This way, in fut, we reward ppl who have badluck, like 98% of us.and not feel robbed. As surely sinking in $200 in FP should warrant you a neymar. At this state, it's not a guarantee. Let that sink in. $200. 4 times the value of the game for a virtual item that competes with 80 other such high end items you want $200. An average person working at McDonald's would need to work for 30 hours. Or a whole week.
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