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Hello EA,

After playing for a while, i've studied your game against your Ultimate difficulty setting(which I find easy still, even though all you did was enhance the stats of the AI by huge points). I'll confess, you guys had no clue what you were doing. You just release a poorly changed fifa 18/17 for us.

This is sad because with all the funds you make from football fans. You just don't want to give us

1. A very enhanced and intriguing career mode.
2. A better AI
3. A better gameplay
4. A very enhanced formation setup
5. A balanced gameplay based on a players skill.

This game currently lacks a balance which will tilt based on the quality of squads and the human controller skill.

The game has very silly;
1. Shooting system
2. Passing system with little to no interception when the ball rolls past a player.
3. Player approach to a free ball on the pitch.
4. Tackling system where AI can hit or go through players with no foul.
5. Near post corner goals
6. Keepers system where the take forever to get up or pick a loose ball.

The list is endless. Just make a damn good game and keep improving it. Trial, error and collect our money system is killing our loyalty.

I am not picking your fifa 20 unless it's a new phenomenal game.

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