Fut Champs Rewards!!!

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Lets see them, heres mine, gold 3 this week.



  • othman_ovn
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    I dont even want to show them :/
  • Gold 2, Mahrez and Lala (could have picked Pickford), really happy got good-very good reds all 3 weeks, I got almost better reds in 3 weeks than in 2 years of WL before this red player pick pack thing is reaaaally the best thing EA could have done
  • Retro1989
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    Fabian and Kadeřábek, not even going to bother posting the pic.
  • salvadordali1
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    hahah i got lala and inter's midfielder. :)

    this red thing is fun, and we get more chance to get better players. Truth to be told luck didnt praise me yet but my time will come for sure. :)
  • Maxily13
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    i got Pickford and who the ❤️❤️❤️❤️ is Fabian in Napoli?
  • Maxily13
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    i got UCL Kondongbia and UCL Lukaku from UCL upgrade...
    so i don't complain
  • BeardedBerk
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    Stopped at G2

    Pickford and Fabian... Both fit into my 2 teams so can't complain
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