Need some help with my options to complete my team please

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I currently have 625K. Will finish rank 2 in Rivals. This is my first time doing rivals. Is it best to take the coins, the first pack option or the two untradable packs? I like playing a 4-3-3(4), but that was when I had a full team so any suggestions would be awesome. I currently have Rabiot, Kondo, Payet, Draxler, Werner and Allen on my bench

Filipe Luiz, Godin, Marquinos, Meunier (should i get his IF?)
? ? ?
? ? Mbappe

Was thinking of doing Werner IF or Cavani at ST. I like werner now and that IF looks good, but is it worth the price? is his IF worth the 180K MORE than Cavani? If I go Cavani, is there someone better than Draxler? There are so many options and it has my head spinning. I think I just need to see some options


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