To EA "developers".

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- Fix acceleration bug on short players. - Shorter they are slower they accelerate.
- Make hands and referee air or introduce handball into FUT. - To many shots are blocked by hand.
- Remove injury, face holding, complaining to judge animation. Or you can introduce injuries like in exhibition match so we have to replace that player than there is a point in injury other is just ridiculous.
- Fix refereeing. Last time i check bodycheck was still a foul. Also double pass attacks are mostly useless since defender collides with one of the players without foul and your attack is over.
- Groin hold after gets hit by the ball? Are you serious? Ill have to check if female players do that too.
- Clearing the ball from 16m box with 3-4 bars full and ball only goes for 20m, but when attacking your attacker can easily pass the ball to the defender on center by just 1-2 bars full, ignoring the nearest free player.
- Timed finishing after patch mostly goes right into the keeper or somewhere in the middle of the goal.
- And last but not least. Test everything before launching.


  • keronc
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    +1 on the handballs. It is so frustrating to see your shot blocked the defender's hand several times per game. How does a soccer game not have handballs?
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