Passive Traits Bug/Feature

As a regular pro clubs players it is important for me to know if passive traits actually work. Passive Traits like Power Free Kick and Outside Foot Shot was introduced in fifa 16, but do no carry over when pro is ported to fifa 19.
My question is: Do these passive traits still work in actual gameplay, or is it just some lines of text that EA forgot to remove from the code?
Hope someone from EA can clear this up..?


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    Well the power free kick trait 100% has an affect for LB+B free kicks you cant do these driven power free kicks with your pro without the trait. The other passive traits I'm not really that sure its hard to tell but I imagine they have an affect since power free kick does.

    Online Pros work differently to other players in the game they need traits in order to do functions like power free kicks(LB+B) and fancy passes(LT+A) they need the flair trait to do the fancy passes, but any other player in the game doesn't need traits to do fancy passes or power freekicks even your default AI players in your pro club matches don't need these traits to do this stuff! But skill moves that require the flair trait every player in the game must have this trait to preform them an example being for the new skill move called soul trap. It weird messed up system fifa have created from copying and pasting fifa games for the past decade with old code in them, which hasn't been paid attention too by the devs as they're incompetent and probably don't even play their own game.
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