floating defensive motion

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The fifa has a great tactical defect. I spend hours and hours of the day trying to tinker with tactics and instructions in order to achieve the ideal level of compression with offensive pressure, in moments of defense fluctuation, because, as much as we move the options that the game offers, the team is compact in terms of depth, but not in amplitude, see the example: if we put the attacker to go to the sides, only he will, but the rest of the team stays, even if you put 100 in amplitude, where it was expected that the whole team to move to the side where the attacker ran, respecting the tactical pattern of the team. Do you know why this? Why the open offensive sides and midfields are inhibited and rise more slowly, to give space for the attacker to fall on the ends. The closest we can get from reality in terms of swinging from the team to the sides, is when we put the opposite way, the attacker being balanced or stay in the center, because even so, he goes to the sides, as long as we leave the middle of open field in the option to return to defend and the sides do not support, because the stunner falls there because of knowing that there is no programming of players to go up in that sector, then yes, that way, it goes and takes the float movement of the team all of it


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    This is a football tactical real:

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    Lay off the acid mate
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    The issue is you ran the guy out of position.
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    Did you try turning it off and back on?
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    Reading this actually tripped me out.
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    Unfortunately, my friend, It's hard to decipher what you've written here. I suspect you've used google translate and then pasted it. It hasn't translated very well.
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    The perpetual motion of the wind from side applied a defragmentation physic to the streamlined squadular structure dehabilitating the cohesive bond between defence-midfield-attack, to solutionise your conundrum the prescription would be a full strength adhesive solution compounded with the effects of a wind breaker ie a device to break winds so my ultimate recommendation is heinze baked beans
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    Guys, I realized that fifa fifteen might look like reality, yes. Take the following test: place the lineup in 451 with the attacker to stay in the center, the midfielders open to stay ahead and the midfielders to stay, with the defenders to side to support the attack whenever the defenders participate in the attack , as this inhibits the rise of the midfielders, because even when putting them to stay they still go up. Personalized Natta, put everything in 100, only in the finals put in 1, as it inhibits still more the rise of the midfielders, since they will not have to go to finalize, besides that it helps to release the side defenders and it does not get undressed, because it occurs the flop where the midfielders stand behind the side defenders, when they overpower the attack, in addition to the central defenders who also come to cover the sides, as in real life. The only defect is that the touch of the ball is slow, because when putting in 100 the athletes are more distant to allow the long pass, which is good for cases of low crossing, something complicated in this game, because if we put the amplitude in 20 , for example, the touch of the ball is faster because the players are in the central region of the field, very close, which helps in the speed of the pass, but there will be no flotation and ball throws behind the side defenders will be dangerous, because without a floatation, the defender or midfielder will not be there, so you can only play without defensive vulnerability with the side defenders rising to the attack if there is defensive fluctuation and, for that, the amplitude needs to be opened. If in doubt, add ps4: gugaenadamas. And EA, you need to evolve the ball touch issue, it can not be slow because the breadth is wide open or the fact that it is 100 in boolean touch criteria in personalized tactics.
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    LOL, good try mate. You are looking for a football simulator. This is the wrong time and place.
    This is arcade and all about the monay
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