Finesse shots awful

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How do you score them? My players are missing every finesse or hitting the post from the simplest angles. I get 4-5 a game that they all miss. Meanwhile my opponent marches down the field and scores a 180 spinning finesse with Fred’s weak foot from 20 yards.


  • senaffc
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    Finesse shots are really OP in this game, I don't know how you are not scoring
  • A5B
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    senaffc wrote: »
    Finesse shots are really OP in this game, I don't know how you are not scoring
    Me neither man, it’s infuriating. I have IF Lacazette cutting in from 12 yards not hitting the target.
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    make sure you are using timed finishing on every shot including the ones in the box.
  • limjitwe
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    My IF Arnie is banging them in quite often
  • Fifa_Hawk_85
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    Use timed finishing they basically go in every time.
  • A5B
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    I don’t understand the whole timed finishing. Why should I have to do something that’s tricky to master to roll in a simple shot?

    Seems like another case of EA over complicating something for no reason. Shooting was fine as it was, it was pretty much the last thing that needed fixing from last year bar the low driven.
  • A5B
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    Maybe I’m just in on of those ruts that’s “in the game”? Lost 8 on the bounce. Rebounds galore. Just feel like I’m never in the match. Real shame, I was a good player in previous years, just feel like everybody is a leg up on me now. Everyone I play is so much better.
  • pudgyfudgy
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    I think after several years of finesse, low driven, and low driven finesse shots being OP, many players have forgotten the simplest of shooting techniques..... regular shots. If you can't master timed finesse shots or get the angle of normal finesse shots right, just use the regular shots. They're pretty reliable too.
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