Edited (created) players in career mode (thought fifa19 was to be the same as fifa18)

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So, for the most part Career Mode in FIFA19 looks the same as in FIFA18. Still no "financial features" to the management of things like with jersey sales, tickets etc. Everything I read was that other than Champions league additions and some graphical and AI improvements, it would be the same.

Except in FIFA18, you had the option to use your edited squads in Career Mode. Now, maybe I'm an odd duck that likes to do this. But I like taking a group of young players that I've created and develop them on my team over the course of seasons. There does not appear to be this option anymore. Maybe it was an oversight to leave it out (since the manager career mode setup UI has changed)? Or... maybe I missing it somewhere?
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  • I should add... this was possible in Fifa 18 for Switch. It is also possible in Fifa 19 on other platforms. So... I feel like I must be missing something. It makes little sense for it to have been removed.
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