Problem of Match Making System in Asia (PC)

Hello. I'm a Proclub user in Korea.

There is a problem about match making system in Asia. (PC Platform)

In FIFA 17, we could play against team of Korea, China, Hongkong, Japan, etc.
But since FIFA 18, we cannot play against teams from other country.
I guess it happened after server of Hongkong and Japan was seperated.

Recently, We can only play one game in an hour.
Also, We almost always play against same team.

Because of this problem, most PC Proclub users already don't play Proclub anymore.
It is not "don't" but "can't" exactly.

It is too late, but I hope EA will fix this problem.
If it can't be fixed, I want to get an exact answer about this problem.
I don't want to lose any more PC Proclub users in Asia.

I don't know who to ask, so I post a discussion here.


  • Same HERE!
    Im from saudi arabia before we could play against europeans but now we can only play against saudis. It takes for ever to find saudis playing pro clubs on xbox. Yesterday we’ve been searching for 3 hours and only found 1 game
    Come on EA remove region lock
  • EA, Please solve this problem.
    We wanna play proclub.
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