Pitch Notes - FIFA 19 Patch Notes #2



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    You guys have to fix the apply consumables bug in FUT. and please bring back the skip replays option
  • Dre non-smile
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    I hate the fact its so easy to score , plus I'm having an issue with my linked kick off name there's an error every time I try to play kickoff vs the flu and i my name is alwyz on the right whenever I play my friends
  • Update jorginho's face in the next face update please
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    @EA_Andy @DoonansNDragons

    Hello! Why can't the top stars of the EPL get good faces for several years in a row? I buy the game every year. but for several years now you cannot fix the faces of the best players of the league. I buy the game and wait all year round for you to correct the faces, but this does not happen for several years in a row. Look at Aguero, Kyle Walker, Lukaku, De Gea. This is ridiculous! This is the best league in the world and its main stars! The guys who appeared in the league this summer were left without faces. Jorginho, Ryan Sessegnon, Fabinho, Fred, Torreia, James Maddison? Do you really fix only those players who ask for it personally? Wilfried Zaha, Lingard. It happens every year. Guys, please answer me and explain what's the matter. I am a fan of your game, but even I am tired of silence. This is the league which is the main one in your game. Need to fix a few faces. These are big football stars. We buy the game from year to year, we believe you should not turn a blind eye to their fans. We trust you and still love you. Please do not leave my review without attention. We ask for a minimum of corrections. Hear us please. #RIPFIFA 2004-2014
  • Can SOMEONE in EA please tell me Why o Why i should buy a new game when after the third update all you did on console, you basically did a Copy + Paste of the Fifa 18 gameplay.

    It´s so poor now. In defence Meta gold player run arround like lost chickens eaven with a Max defending gameplan option.
    Player like KDB can´t recive a simple pass standing STILL! Due to first touch putting the boll 4m in front of him.

    The whole idea of buying a NEW game is that something should be different not to take it back as it was :/

    I see my self as a "normal" skilled player but plays around 5h Fifa every day and on WL and Weekend a lot more.

    I can sincerely say that after this latest patch my Fifa playing and buying days are over for good.
    I was hesitating to buy the Fifa 19 due to so bad Server problems you had last year, and surprisingly you manadge to make them WORST!?! How it is eaven possible when a company as EA a making biljons of dollars not to have enought powerful servers?

    I know that my single post on a EA forum will not make any difference on the game or on your servers. But i can guarantee you that i will not be playing Fifa 19 any more or buy a new Fifa 20 neither will my closes friend or family.
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    EA_Andy wrote: »

    The latest title update for FIFA 19 is now live. You can read some of the detail from this patch in our latest pitch notes article here.

    You can also check out the full list of changes in the patch notes here.

    Let us know your thoughts and any questions you have about this article.

    Drop back 100 drag backs and responsiveness???
  • Not that he will be the manager for much longer but a generic manager for Man Utd when in career mode?
    Surely by Fifa 20 All premiership managers should be authentic
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