Why is AI behaving like EA?

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Way too stupid.
Worse than FIFA 10, 11,12... you get the idea.
They bump into each other and can’t jump when a teammate is on floor, give wrong passes when it shouldn’t at all. The list goes on and on


  • DannyUK
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    Worse Fifa in years or that I can remember. Pro Clubs is never updated, I don't think it will even be in the game next year or year after.

    They should be doing more on next gen consoles considering they scrapped it for PS3. Certainly not worth £50 that's for sure.

    I won't be pre ordering next year, never played clubs long term for awhile since Fifa 15 where I had over 2000 games.
  • Korthan
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    I played lots of Pro Clubs last year, more than ever because FUT and game lag meaning you can't win repulses me now.

    But this year is so bad, frustrating, defensive, not fun that I won't be playing. Was looking forward to it, never mind.

    Have they fixed the shooting yet? Pinging in long and swerving and dipping shots was a joy last year.
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