didnt score or concede one overhead kick this weekend

Mr. Soper
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secret patch? or did people wise up on how to block them?


  • VerdePride
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    Nope still there
  • Thefranchise92
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    Mr. Soper wrote: »
    secret patch? or did people wise up on how to block them?

    U wised up as did i
  • Fifa_Hawk_85
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    Coming to think about it don't think I scored or conceded one all weekend either.

    Probably just coincidence though.
  • munchie63
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    you were lucky mate

    I had 2 over the weekend from those talented ballon d'or winning mastroes - Busquets and Sokrates both overhead kicks, 15yards out from corners

    I'd love to see either of them try one in real life

    patch it EA
  • Alex02
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    Think i scored about 10 with Aubameyang alone
  • Dronegan
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    Have just conceeded 1 corner in 30 WL games. Aimed for penalty spot and Fabinho scored it.

    Im suprised though, not conceeded 1 first post corner this WL. But ive scored at least 10 so they are still in the game.
  • Deslash
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    Be happy.. didnt get g1 cause Matip did one and shaw in the same match.. still confused how to play the game sometimes :/
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