The FIFA series is just simply no longer a football game...

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I have been a fan of FIFA since Road to World Cup 98, on my first ever PC and Playstation1. I was 13 back then, and after that it became an addiction. Every year playing it non stop, playing alone, playing with mates after school, later university, playing on the weekends. It was just so much fun being able to play a realistic footie game against your mates. Having the feeling like you can control your favorite players on a video game was the best part for me.

But since around 2012, around the time FUT came into the fold, I started noticing year by year the control I have over my matches has been becoming less and less and the matches are never decided by the best player holding the controller. It was a slow change, but around FIFA 16 it started getting really bad, whereby the blatant cheating against me so that the other guy could win was causing me to rage quit non stop and not want to play the game for weeks... The way I was losing matches constantly because the AI was deciding what my players do, how they shoot, how they pass, everything taken out of my hands of controlling a football match has slowly started destroying the game for me.

But now with 19 I think it's the end of the road for me. I have played about 30 games max since I got it and in those games I have never had less enjoyment playing a sports game in my life than I do with this one. It is shameful how much happens in the game to allow the opponent to win, and all so that they can stay addicted to the game and spend money on their teams. I have never tried FUT and will never let my son try it now that he's starting to play FIFA, he's just 11 and loves football like me. But I watch some of his matches online and he too has the same BS I see in my games. This game simply is not a fun game anymore, and it really used to be. Unfortunately people can't just play online seasons mode anymore and continue to spend on their FUT teams thus continuing to tell EA, no problem guys keep making a crap game we'll still buy it... come on guys stop spending FUT money!!


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    Know how you feel mate I had played since 97 and UT has completely killed fifa for the older players.
    People who have played for years who know all the tricks all the skills and buttons, all this is now invalid and means nothing. You can be beaten by someone who only knows sprint pass and shoot.

    The most obvious scenario is every player who sucks at the game just ❤️❤️❤️❤️ inside and you read it and the game just doesnt let you get the ball. Every noob player falls for a drag or a fake shot forward to do the fake kick onto other foot so you have a chance to hit across goal but once you get to tht point your opponents AI mop up the situation 99% of the time.

    I always play it for abut a week and then I return to where us fifa originals play which is seasons. Still riddled with bs but nowhere near as bad as tht circus carnage football ut.
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    fifa97 Is my favorite. But I really think FIFA18 was better than 19
  • Henry14
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    This game is lowkey a fighting game with these gladiator pushing and shoving mechanics 😩
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