AI players constantly giving the ball away

I mainly play club games, but it is so frustrating that my AI players (defenders in particular) behave very strange and constantly make us lose games.

They do not tackle (only jockey and block shots) the keep giving the ball straight back to the opposition and EVERYTIME we have a free kick by our own penalty area, they kick the ball straight to the other teams forward even though I am calling for the ball further up the pitch, they also let the opposition run past them without trying to tackle them, only then do they start tracking back? When they do get the ball, as soon as an attacker approaches, they kick the ball out of touch?

It is like my AI play at beginner level while everyone else's play at world class level.

The other AI players I come up against are all over our attackers like a rash, they have been running back to their own goal and have done an overhead kick to stop the ball reaching our forwards they constantly play one touch football around our players and somehow even when we beat them and are clean through on goal, they manage to close the space and block our shot or tackle us!!!

Is anyone else experiencing these kind of issues??


  • Der Tooldoktor
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    Apart from the **** period they have in the game, not really tbh.
    It's mostly caused by which button you're pressing when your asking for the ball. If you press A or Y it makes sense that they're doing that, it wouldn't be when you're asking with X or LB+Y.
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