ICON Van Bastern

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Packed Van Bastern from my Silver 1 WL rewards and have to say this guy is the pure business - i had around 5 icons last year vieria gullit hernandez and have to say van bastern tops them all - never had so much fun with this a fifa player - his not the fastest but as someone said turn shoot and just Watch him unleash - if anyone has the coins then go with him you will not be disapointed


  • Boysie91
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    Can't believe you packed him in silver 1 rewards... Yet I get gold 3 each week and best pull is 69k :( depressed now
  • Laurens1998
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    I packed prime Van Basten in the second week, div 5 rank 1 rivals rewards. Just from a simple 12 rare players pack. His shooting was insane, everything went in, long shots, finesse etc. His pace was not that much of a problem due to his strength and height. I sold him though, as I had 1.3mil coins in just that one card (more than I ever had in all FIFAs combined) and I wanted to buy a good team.
  • Fabio1
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    ye a bit of shocker to say the least - can't see me selling him as his is such a threat no player matches him
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