What EA needs to do to fix pro clubs....(PS4)

I'm not really sure if anyone with any "power" within the EA corporation will ever read this, but I've had enough and I need to vent my frustration somewhere. I'd rather do it here than throw my PS4 into my tv.

First off, pro clubs is an incredibly fun game mode to play with your friends, learning how to play together as a team, only controlling one player and figuring out tactics on how to beat the opponent. Unfortunately it isnt without its flaws, and some of the are MAJOR might I add.

Sidenote*** It is also the only way 3 or more friends can play online with each other, I would like to see a online kick off mode, exactly the same as the offline one, but you could instead play with up to 8 friends or something, but thats beside the point.

I'll just list a couple of the glithes/bugs I've experienced and I think they need to fix before people stop playing Pro Clubs.

1. "The offside bug" - This is a well known bug, where in if a team controls the keeper they can launch the ball up field to a teammate and ultimately score a goal. Although this isn't offside, because its from a goal kick. It is unfair and very difficult to defend against. This needs to be fixed. Either the defenders follow the players or the gk isnt allowed to kick it further than the middle of the field.
2. "The wrong foot glitch" - For some reason when I take freekicks with my pro, he always takes it with the wrong foot, doesnt matter if he is left or right footed, I've tried both. I am not sure what causes this bug, but it needs fixing so that it doesnt make the set piece skills obsolete.

Minor changes I would like to see:
1. Give people more insentive to play "drop-in" matches. Your player does get better, but it takes a LONG time. Ways to fix this would be, letting people earn skill points, maybe not as fast as in club matches. Another feature I would like to see is rewards such as shoes and other accessories/customizables such as hair styles, tattoos etc. For instance scoring 25 goals will award you a special hair style.
2. Improve the AI/CPU-players. They are better now than before, but they still need tuning. For instance, I've noticed that they often kick the ball over the line if they are pressured in defense, where it isnt really necessary to do so.
3. The match rating system needs improving. I feel as if you arent really rewarded for great passes and creating chances. Just copy the in-depth system from Journey over to Pro Clubs.



  • Henry14
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    I agree with most of these but for the defender one I don't mind because it emulates real life; they would only do that if they have no other passing option. The AI are really good in comparison to 18
  • Henry14
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    and they should also add more customisation options like ankle socks.
  • Doolallyfrank
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    I had the wrong foot glitch happen after changing my freekick technique, changed it back to default immediately
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