Idiotic matchmaking system on Pro Clubs (and more)

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Me and my 2 friends just played a game on Pro Clubs. We are in Division 3, and was "lucky" to be matched up against a team that was in division 1. Fair enough, they are 2 divisions better than us, but we can still give them a fight, right?

Well, it`s not easy being a team with maybe 46 wins and 27 losses, to play against a team that has 170 wins and 42 losses. I can not see in any way how this is fair. A team from division 1 is not guaranteed to win against a team from division 3, but when there are 10 players against 3, it is almost impossible to event attempt to win the game or make an impact at all, you just watch your opponents pass through and score. It does not help you that the CPU is incompetent to even attempt to cover a player or tackle the ball. After 45 minutes we were down 5-0, and we did not even have 1 shot at all, very much because it was impossible to get the ball, without having 4 players tackling us at the time. There was no way i hell that the match system is fair.

The CPU is frequently ruining games by being terrible at defending. I do not know how many games that has ended with 8, 9 or maybe 10 goals scored because it is just to easy to score against the CPU. Yes, it is possible to have one of your players to play as any, but personally that just ruins the feeling of pro clubs, and just feels more like a kick off game, aswell as the CPU players are still very hard to use, since their stats are not special at all and they all have medium/medium workrate.

The tactic system is also something that is just not in the Pro Clubs gamemode. You can decide formation, free-kick takers and wich position different real person players are going to play. You can also change on a few things during the game, but you are not able to put any instructions on the CPU players, so often the fullbacks will walk far up in attack and leave a huge room back in defence, and your opponents can easily counter and cross (wich we all know is pretty OP at this FIFA).

Pro clubs is maybe my favourit gamemode in the whole game, and I have played it ever since it was introduced to FIFA. Still, the changes are often minimum to the game mode and this year there has been almost no changes made to the game mode. Pro Clubs has so much potential in many ways to improve and even make EA more money, wich I know they as a company would love to produce more of, as that is the way businuess works. Still, I feel a bit cheated by such a rich company as EA, that has so much money, potential and proffesional workers that gets nothing invested in the Pro Clubs game mode, everything is FUT and me as Pro Clubs enthusiast feels ignored and forgotten. I`m still a part of the community, and I still want to play FIFA, but I also want the game to improve for each year, and the gameplay aswell as the Pro Clubs gamemode to succed.

Pro Clubs needs attention. CPU, matchmaking and more...
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