EA "removed" gambling/micro transactions, but they presented the whole new way of gambling...

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...the gameplay.

Even if you win youre not sure why you win or why you lost. All you know is just that some bounce off balls ended in yours/opponents net. Even when you build up an attack there is a more chance that you gonna miss from penalty area than from outside of the box with finesse. And lest not forget bout "skill moves". Wtf is this a fifa street or what? If i manage to guess correct side my player will take the animation like he never played a ball and just let the opponent pass with a swag. Also when Coman goes for a dribble is there a new way of supersonic leg movement or what? Im just curious since my POTM Lucas cant outrun someone with 81 pace.
Also what are these special threads which have "(AI controlled only)" value?

Next thing...
Lot of crossbars. Mostly from 5m box, more often then not when opponent have paypal team.
45+, 90+ min goals are regular thing.
EA ruined bicycle kicks. Earlier that was a special goal, now is just disgusting. (even when you score one) Because deep down you know that eric bailly isnt capable to pull something like this every other match.
Presenting injuries in wl, division rivals is idiotic because your player can preform same after he takes this rediculous animation and screw your whole attacking/defending concept.
Referee is interfering too often. Mostly your players have to avoid him to go on attack, or he intercepts the pass.

In my opinion we should have another chance to use our warranty if we like, because this game is a lot of thing but none of them is FUN.

Back in my day game used to be fun.
EA "development" team is welcome to comment.


  • but sadly they never will.

    The thing i dont get is EA is going huge with E-sports. E-premier league and such, but how can someone seriously play this game competetive, is there even a skill gap in the game? Not sure if the whole game is scriptet when you start a match or if its just to much random everything. The only thing i can say for sure. its out of my controll, what happens on the pitch.
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    this realism idea is good, but when we talk bout realism you have to calculate human factor which is beautifully represented in timed finishing, but not so well in flipper balls. Why not so much in flipper? Because in reality person can get surprised by certain situation, but scripted program cant. In other words acceleration and physical are two most inportant things to seek in player.
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    I have the same problem. I really hate EA because FIFA 19 makes me crazy.
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