Wanted, bad player whining

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Why is it only the better players whining constantly ?
- i always loose to worse players , when i Have 20 More shots at goal,(doesn’t Mather if it’s bad angle or just bad shots)
- I used to beat everyone, now I can’t beat nobs ( maybe they adapt quicker , or you where not as good as you tought)
- EA give better rewards to poor players( time to realise you won’t always get the highest rated IF)
- I had 20 shots wide open goal and I hit the post(you don’t remember when your opponent hit the post)

Bad player,
Super happy to pack Vela, maybe I can build a squad around him.

Opponent score in 90 min, oh well that’s what I get for having poor stamina on my team.

What did I miss ?
I read so muck complaineig from the so called better players, probably most ever in Fifa history
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