Top 5 annoying things that need to be patched

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sometimes I feel that EA doesn't understand that most of the people who play FIFA are football lovers and they just play it to enjoy football. EA made an arcade game that most of the users Hate. let me start with the things that might make me stop playing FIFA
I hope this message will get to EA

1) AI - A lot of people already discussed that, but I just want to add something. when you make a game that is almost impossible to score from open plays and slow build ups. then this is not a football game. most of the players I play against set up the OP constant pressure with no stamina penalty. with narrow defending and MMA defenders. that's why a lot of people use crosses to break through or use wingers to cut inside and pass a sweaty goal.
How to solve - nerf AI defending - rewards people who know how to position their defenders and tackles at the right time.

2) Near post corners - it's annoying. that you smash your opponent with a lot of shots and posts- one corner he gets. scores and run all the field while my defenders still thinking to jump. overhead kicks - come on EA. I'm not saying that it doesn't happen in real football. but how often ?

how to solve ? patch FIFA 18 corners - they were balanced with no stupid overhead goals.

3) Constant pressure and stamina penalty - I'm not against constant pressure - some teams use it. but no way that your players will be running across the field 90 mins without getting tired.
how to solve- stamina is reduced faster when applied

4) Rebound goals - I don't understand why 95% of the rebound goes back to the attacker feet with better chance to score - How many times I have to intercept to take the ball back ?

How to solve - I think the reason it happens because the constant pressure. how to make it better ? I don't know to be honest - previous version were way better at that.

5) Referees - Please blow your whistle for a foul you Idiot - players getting over run and no Fouls -

How to solve - patch 2018 referees.

A lot of things that bother me in this version and I'm pretty sure bother a lot of people too. we are the customers and EA should listen to us

sorry about my English - it's not my first language


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