Ea disable the auto interceptions

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Every player just auto intercepts me and my mates played with it of and the Ai does not bail u out if u r op is controlling cdm u can have a shot without it being auto blocked


  • agentxyz2
    790 posts Professional
    You want them to disable pass assistance too. Mate 80% of the time you aren't passing where your passing the game avoids defenders for you
  • Worble
    1841 posts Play-Off Hero
    Auto interceptions have to stay, without them you would go back to fifa 2012 days of constant through ball pace abuse.

    It's frustrating but i'd rather this than that.
  • Jamiebanksrfc1986
    361 posts Sunday League Hero
    Y do u stick up for game ? Would love pass assist off but 80 percent can faster than the pass
  • Jamiebanksrfc1986
    361 posts Sunday League Hero
    So basically relie on Ai then that's the game this year slow sluggish and u have to beat the Ai with exploits not the user great. And we wonder y we have the game we have now
  • Notorious89
    24 posts Last Pick at the Park
    The games a **** mess. It’s like amateur football. Everything is assisted by the AI even opponents you play. ‘guided assistance’ they’re calling it this year. Next year it’s going to be called ‘buy more coins your team needs improved’
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