Anybody knows how to solve these bugs/glitches?

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1. I don‘t know about online but at least in Squad Battles I had now 2 times that I scored a goal and the kickoff from the AI was glitched in a way that from that point on the ball moved in pictures with 1-2s delay. This doesn’t go away by pausing the match or anything only until the ball goes out of bounds or you concede.

2.If you‘re normally doing your thing on FUT suddenly you want to apply a consumable you can go to the selection hub and anything but you can’t choose or apply an item. The only way to solve this is going back out of fut from what I‘ve found.

3. Don’t know if this is irrelevant or not but when you’re sniping players and you go down the 15 mil max bid thing it starts to run by itself and it might look like an autobuyer from EA‘s perspective.

Anybody got the same problems and knows how to solve them?
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