Fifa19 Lack of Fouls, Ea fix this



  • There's a lack of fouls for the same reasons there's no "take off your shirt" celebration, arguments between players and the ref and no simulations. FIFA is PC and is licenced by FIFA, the governing body of football, who doesn't condone fouls, taking off your shirt, dirty play etc...
  • MJD85
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    More fouls please!
    Free kicks are part of football EA.
  • Duncan1972
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    Duncan1972 wrote: »
    Eh, I see a lot of 'bad tackles', but so long as they hit ball, it's fine. I don't see a whole lot of fouls go uncalled. What I do see go uncalled, or wrongly called are balls that go out of bounds. Seems once or twice a game it goes off of the opponent player and they somehow get the ball, or a goal kick if I was going for goal.

    Its more the pulling and shoulder barges that need to be fouls. In fact the pulling should be removed.

    This. Don’t mind the pace nerf but the pulling is beyond a joke .

  • Fabibi94
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    The refereeing in general is random as hell. Sometimes, the opponent can literally wrestle down your striker and on the other side, you barely even touch your opponents striker and he gets a foul. This really needs to be fixed imo.
  • MaldinisHeir
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    My favourite is where the AI continually blocks your defenders off the ball to stop your defenders closing down.....

    The biggest issue for me with the lack of fouls is that it means that so many real life scenarios just never happen in the game. Very few players get sent off, there's too few penalties and free kicks, and there's virtually no point in having a sub-keeper because the GK can never be sent off or injured.

    When one of my players do get booked I try and avoid substituting them in the hope of getting sent off. When I get a player sent off I'm actually happy. I think, finally, a challenge with 10 men. I've probably had about 10 red cards in about I'd say about 500 games.

  • Skboseph
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    I played the 'no rules' mode for the first time today and got me thinking that maybe they accidentally programmed some aspects of this mode into regular games. This kind of makes sense as I don't recall this happening in previous years when we didn't have the 'no rules' mode.

    Same **** I was thinking and most likely true
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    I agree....
  • Royalwhite
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    Nowadays I only laugh at fouls that are being called VS the ones that get ignored by EA referees , it is ( healthier ) to treat the game as a nice joke
  • Funny thing is the NHL team added more sliders for the types of fouls ( pens) so fifa could do this also.
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    Fifa is not a the game of fotball there is a Fifa 19 there isn't a referee...
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