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150+ games in and my opinion is that the gameplay is fundamentally good, if you play a SB on amateur against a sub 70 rated, sub 70 star team then your players make runs into open spaces, pass to the intended player, they don't get pushed over, they don't fall over, they hit the target when shooting, through balls work, they get the lions share of loose ball ricochets , they are able to clear your 18 yard line, so basically they do exactly what you are prompting them to do.

Go up to WC / legendary and my players don't run, nearly every pass I do is intercepted because the ball moves slower, I get knocked over, I fall over, every rebound ricochet goes to the opposition, every tackle rebounds to the opposition and if I do get the ball and keep it, the ref blows for a free kick, I cant clear my 18 yard box, generally every thing good I talked about above are non existent.

Then we go to Rivals, on Tuesday I won 5 games and had 5 rage quits by the opponent, my players were on fire and their players were like the keystone cops, I intercepted nearly every pass, I got the luck with all the ricochets, so basically my players were playing like they do against a sub 70 SB team and the opponents were playing like my players play against a 86 rated legendary SB. Then last night, 2 rivals matches, both games my players were like the keystone cops, and the opponents team could do no wrong.

I am not slating the gameplay as it shows the game play works by what you can see playing on amateur, I am slating EA for not letting my players play the same way every game, how am I supposed to get better if one game I am playing like a god squad, then the next with a team where the only animation missing is the Zimmer frames and walking sticks.

I understand for example that you have to make the AI legendary SB teams play better then the AI Amateur SB teams, but for the love of god, leave our teams alone and let us play the way I know the game can play, all game, every game, especially when playing other human opponents.
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