Pro Clubs not working??

Me and a friend keep trying to connect to game and we’re both either in the arena for around 5 minutes and then the game loads and it closes pro clubs down. If the game does start it always ends up kicking one of us and as there’s only two of us the game counts as a loss. Really frustrating! (Both tested our connection it’s working fine, also every other game mode on Fifa works fine)


  • J10
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    This happens to me and my friend too more often than not, we have to wait in the player arena for a real long time before it puts us into the match but then says we lost connection.
  • Orikoru
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    We were having problems on Monday night. Took forever just to get all of us in the actual match lobby, then it lags when you search for a game, then it eventually says no opponents found, or you get some error booting you out to main menu. One time it found us a match, but we just got stuck in the arena and it never advanced to the match so we add to close Fifa down altogether.
  • Hi guys, it's happening to me aswell with my friends. Since last fifa update Pro club doesn't work anymore but only the league matches. Easport keeps telling me that is the connection settings the problem but is absolutely a lie. I contacted then 4 times already, we should all do everyday.
  • Just create this forum user to check if this is happening to more people, i only play this game mode with friends, the most fun for sure (even thoug it's clearly not a priority to improve), but for a couple of weeks it's been literally unplayable, every match get's disconnected, im guessing a server error cause this happen in the top hour (10 pm UY time, south america), is this a know error? or its ea only fixing FUT?
    We are super frustrated with our team and basically stop playing.It's already annoying that no pro clubs improve come every year, but that we cannot play the game itss unbelievable.
  • This happens to me and friends every night. We can’t play more than a match without spending 10 minutes loading in to a match where we all get kicked for “connection issues”. Some nights we can’t even get in to match. New title update today doesn’t even acknowledge it. This has been an issue for a few weeks now!
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