Transfer budget increase issue

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First of all I'd like to congratulate EA on adding this new feature even though little has changed and could've been added in a patch if you ask me in previous iterations. But there's a slight issue with it, my first Career Mode this year has been with Bournemouth and I just started my 2024 season with a £402 million budget. Now to me this is not balanced at all and that's with Bournemouth...they're not exactly the richest club out there, just imagine a club like Man city and their budget for example, that would be even higher than this in 2024. This just makes the mode extremely easy and really needs fixing. I hope that EA do listen to suggestions, even if they did I'd recon they'd instantly dismiss them anyway being the company that they are. Anyone else feel this way? Are there any other issues with Career Mode that you've come across? I'd really like to know, cheers.
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