Just my thoughts on a few players

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right guys, this is just my opinion and i just wanna help people so dont hate ;)
if you have any question about a player feel free to ask

TOTS Neymar (9.5/10) feels really good, decent finishing, still have him and a lot of fun to use

TOTS Muller (9/10) packed him and havent used him at all till yesterday but i have to say he impressed me, decent player and defo worth his coins. havent used his IFs tho

TOTS Neuer (8/10) good gk no doubt and still one of my favs this year but not better than his nif imo

TOTS Cazorla (9/10) i use him as a cdm, very solid, good passes, nice shots. overall a really good player and you can use him pretty much everywhere

IF Busquets (9.5/10) seriously guys? 30k for that card? bargain of the year. highly recommended

IF Alves (7/10) packed him, tried him, was disapointed tbh. not better than his nif at all, his tots is nice tho

TOTS Parejo (8.5) surprised me, decent midfielder with nice longhots and solid defensively

TOTS Suarez (9/10) havent used his IFs/MOTM but this TOTS card feels really really good. still feel 5mil is a bit much for him but if you have the money go for him

will update the list if you want. planning to make teams with TOTS verrati, gonalons, marchisio etc later this week
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